How do we join?

Many people come along to Ballykeel Church without any background in Church or Christianity at all. What normally happens is that anyone interested in joining the Church initially register their commitment by attendance and practical support through giving. The family / home is then placed within a district for pastoral care, with address and any details recorded and passed on to the minister.

After a period anyone interested in committing to the Church is invited to share in a Christianity Explored or Discipleship Explored course. This is an interactive and enjoyable way of finding out more about following Jesus Christ. Towards the end of these courses, the minister will spend time teaching what it means specifically to join Ballykeel Presbyterian Church.

After this the final step is to meet in fellowship with the elders of the Church. This is a time of great joy and sharing for the Church leadership as people explain why they want to follow Christ in Ballykeel Church. (This meeting with elders is also the case for members of other churches, who wish to transfer into Ballykeel.)

New members show their public commitment to Ballykeel Church by sharing in the Lord’s Supper, which happens on 4 Sundays of the year. Members or their children should also be baptised as a sign of God’s grace in their lives. We do not baptise a person or their child until they are ready to make a clear commitment to following Christ through support of His Church.

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